301 Central Education Foundation

Our Mission

The Central Foundation’s mission shall be to foster unified community support for innovative programs and equitable opportunities for all District 301 students by accessing, utilizing and distributing alternate resources.

Innovative Source of Funds for the Entire 301 Central Community Unit School District

The 301 Central Education Foundation (Foundation) is a non-profit 501(C)(3) tax-exempt corporation established in January 2008. The first organization of its kind in our community, the Foundation is dedicated to enriching, enhancing and supporting 301 Central Community Unit School District (District). The Foundation operates independently from the District for the sole purpose of promoting excellence in education for the benefit and enrichment of District students. Since the inception of the Central Education Foundation nearly $60,000 has been awarded to date.

Grants to District initiatives and scholarships are made possible by a generous community of donors. It is through this community participation, now and in the future, that will allow the Foundation to continue to Give to Grow, and fund programs and projects which supplement the educational opportunities available to students equally throughout the District.

2008: The Foundation allocated five grants totaling $2,500 to be used to supplement or create programs in five District schools.
2009: Thirteen grants totaling $6,500 were awarded, and all seven schools were involved.
2010: $11,500 was distributed in the form of grants to individual classroom initiatives.
2011: $9000 in grants were dispersed.
2012: This year, $13,000 was dedicated towards 14 grants, for example:

Country Trails School’s School library received funding to purchase an iPad, 2 Apple TVs and other accessories. The Apple TV will be permanently mounted in the computer lab where every class at every grade level can use it and the iPad to make use of apps for any subject.
In May of 2012, the Foundation was proud to have facilitated the completion the District’s global initiative to allow all schools to be wireless by providing $12,000. The 301 CEf also hosted, the Foundation hosted Harlem Wizard basketball game, a District wide family event at CHS.

2014: Hosted the Harlem Wizard basketball game, an all district event.
2015: Provided $20,000 to provide needed items for the 2 tech rooms that that TOSAs and teachers utilize

Every year since inception-
Two – $500 scholarships have been given each year to 2 deserving Central High School Senior Students, as well.